Posted by Brydie Malone on Thursday, February 27, 2014
After eight years and with thanks to my beautiful friend Bronnie Maher, I have given the Ladybird Photography's web design a fresh face lift.
Cleaning out the clutter and going minimal, I feel as though I have lost about 20 kilos of cyberfat.
So please give me your opinions on the new look, and any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated at any time.

Alot has been archived, so just too let everyone know
the 'Perrin' albums are now locked away in the hardrive and can still be order or viewed simply by getting in contact with us.
This also goes for the 'Rodeo contestant' photos.  

I will be adding two new pages a corporate page and a photo retoration and printing page. So stay tunned.
New buisness cards are also on the way!!
Ladybird has turned a leaf and is stepping up its game as it grows up into a new level of cutomer access and visual representation. 
Thankyou friends!!