Posted by Brydie Malone on Friday, February 21, 2014
WOW almost through our second month of 2014, and we have so much to catch up on.
I have began advertising with EasyWeddings.com a great online server for all brides and grooms to venture into searching for local wedding specialists.  I am thrilled with where it is taking Ladybird and I am now certain that further big reach advertising is perfect for this buisness.  I also tried out facebook advertsing spending only very little to guarantee reach of over 5,000 facebook local users.
March will bring with it some new open doors but also some older closing ones.  One of them being the reemoval of my buisness in the Wedding and Event Specialists.  Instead I will venture out on my own seeking further a field at Bridal Expo's and Wedding Magazines.
I will be making a new buisness card with photos from Lisa and Luke's Wedding and Trish and Ritch's Wedding, as voted on my facebook LadybIrd Photography page fans.
This year the weekends are booking out fast with weddings in Husskision, Terrigal, Goulburn, Rouse Hill, Wollongong, Young, and Bowral. I can not wait for all the adventures, travel and people they will bring.
With Videography being so popular, I have decided to invest in a new JVC high end hand held camera, so now I have two quality videocameras to make sure I can cature a whole 10 hours worth of footage on any one day.
Highlife Magazine is really kicking off. With Tony Sheffield mentouring me along the way I have covered the kingsdale winery open air cinema, all the Goulburn formals, and soon the Art woodshed at Crookwell. 
Unfortunatly Mark Perkins has decided to pack his family and Realvision Phtoography buisness and head up to sunny QLD to further his increasingly QLD busy legal career.  Which is a real downer as I loose another great mentour to the sand and surf and again have no studio to play in.
Hopefully i can finish all my booked studio Portraits before he packs it all up.  SO HURRY IF YOUR DESPERATE AND HAVN'T BOOKED YET!!!
He offered me the space, but I think I would run into the same problems I had before with my shop front in Gunning and this would be further away than down the street, but you can't beat having a decent space and a street frontage to any buisness, however the scales have tipped and I think I might just let it slip on by this time round. :(
Back to the postives again, I am growing everly more confident and comfortable in my skills and am content with the feedback I have been recieveing lately.  I have just updated the website to include more hyperlinks, forms, and link to social networks hopefully making the website easier to navigate. I have also updated the Artwork page with my best work of 2013, though i must admit i have plenty of film in the fridge that will go off and is waiting eagely for me to take it out and expose it.  NOTE TO SELF: NEED TO HAVE MORE CONCEPTUAL ART SHOOT TIME IN MY DIARY.
I have moved some of my firework images to the Gunning Library along with a baby portrait to show the mum and bub reading group. And i will be entering into the Crookwell Art show with my Barney and Tegan shilouette i titled Australian Sunset, and I will be looking into gettting my Two remaining fireworks photos into another charity sell show soon.
I also have to get my left foot-right foot minor UNI piece into the Arwyn Gallery in Gold Creek before the end of the year, and maybe even some new and old Photograms, YES NEW PHOTOGRAMS!!! i donated a stack of developing tanks and a lightbox to my old Teachers AId at the ANU Photomedia department, (who is now the first year teacher) and he will let me have some dark room time in exchange for the goodwill.  I ALWAYS SAY KARMA IS THE BEST THERAPY!
Unfortunatly they are shutting off the inkjet room to all outsiders and now only will be using two printers, that the students will be using under the supervision of their teachers, so looks like my friend Amy and her great printing skills will be leaving the photomedia department, I wish her luck.  My other good friend from Uni Katherine has just been awarded the emerging art portrait photographer at the QLD Gallery YAYAYAYAY she won herself a show, a book launch, and a residency!!! so cool and I ran into her at a Tennis event in Canberra working as a photographer for the Canberra TImes, very busy and successful girl!!!
SPEAKING OF SUCCESS the Ladybird USB's have been a huge success and I have ordered more as they were literally working out the door.
So all is great in Ladybird Land and i hope that the wheel just keeps on spinning!!! I hope you also have a great start to 2014!!